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    The New England Innocence Project has shared the following:

    Today the
    Post Conviction Access to Forensic and Scientific Analysis Act goes into effect in Massachusetts, allowing potentially innocent inmates access to DNA evidence in their cases.  This law represents years of hard work and is a huge step in the right direction for justice in Massachusetts.   Massachusetts is the 49th state in the U.S. to enact a law of this kind.  NEIP worked alongside a representative group of stakeholders convened by the Boston Bar Association that included prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, and crime lab personnel to educate lawmakers about the importance of such legislation.

    Access the Post Conviction Access to Forensic and Scientific Analysis Act

    Read Gregory Massing and NEIP Board Member David Siegel's piece in the Boston Bar Journal discussing the new law.

    Learn more about the causes of wrongful conviction and how you can help at New England Innocence's Website.
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    On Monday, May 7th, the Senate-House Conference Committee is meeting at 3 pm to consider the Habitual Offender (“3 Strikes”) bill and related sentencing legislation.  Please email each member of the committee as well as the Senate and House leadership as soon as possible, with the following message, or words to this effect:

    We believe that the Commonwealth should not enact a major new sentencing bill without knowing what the effect of it will be on either public safety or cost.  Last year the legislature established a Criminal Justice Commission which is now actively studying these issues and has engaged the Pew Data Project to get the answers.  It would not serve the needs of either victims or taxpayers to act before these answers are in. 

    Conference Committee

    Co-Chair Senator Creem --- Cynthia.Creem@masenate.gov
    Co-Chair Representative O’Flaherty ---- Gene.O’Flaherty@mahouse.gov
    Senator Tarr ---- Bruce.Tarr@masenate.gov
    Senator Flanagan ---- Jennifer.Flanagan@masenate.gov
    Representative Linksy ---- David.Linsky@mahouse.gov
    Representative Brad Hill ---- Brad.Hill@mahouse.gov


    Senate President Murray ---- Therese.Murray@masenate.gov
    Speaker DeLeo ---- Robert.DeLeo@mahouse.gov
    Speaker Pro Tempore --- Patricia.Haddad@mahouse.gov
    Chair, Senate Ways and Means Senator Brewer ---- Stephen.Brewer@masenate.gov
    Chair House, Ways and Means Representative Dempsey ---- Brian.Dempsey@mahouse.gov

  • 14 Feb 2012 3:39 PM | Anonymous

    Legislative Alert - Juvenile Life Without Parole

    Click here for a fact sheet from the Massachusetts Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Youth

  • 13 Feb 2012 9:46 AM | Jim DiNatale (Administrator)

    Prisoner Legal Services of Massachusetts has made available a packet of fact sheets, comparisons and analyses of  the Habitiual Offender bills currently before the legislature.  They are thoughly researched and clear.  Use these as resources in conversations and correspondence you may have with legislators, media and colleagues.  They are:





  • 05 Feb 2012 11:55 PM | Jim DiNatale (Administrator)

    Massachusett Lawyers Weekly recently editorialized on the issue of sentencing, recommending the legislature go "back to the drawing board". Click here  for the text of the article.

  • 03 Feb 2012 1:54 AM | Jim DiNatale (Administrator)

    Three Strikes Bill

    Contact your state senators and representatives especially if they are on the Conference Committee. Urge them to oppose the draconian provisions of :

    • The House and Senate “Three Strikes” bills (H-3818 and S-2080) ,
    • The provisions in S-2080 for mandatory post-release supervision, expanded wiretap authorization, enforcement of civil infractions and other ill-considered changes to various laws.
    • Click here for a concise analysis and outline of the bills and the names and contact information for the members of the Conference Committee.

    For a copy of H- 3818 click here. For S- 2080, click here.

    Juvenile Life Without Parole

    Click here for a fact sheet from the Massachusetts Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Youth

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