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If you practice criminal defense law in Massachusetts, you belong in MACDL

The Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is the only statewide association of lawyers in Massachusetts devoted exclusively to serving all segments of the defense bar. According to our mission statement: MACDL's mission is to preserve the adversary system of justice; to maintain and foster independent and able criminal defense lawyers and to ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crime. MACDL will be an advocate for the advocate.

Member Benefits

Legal Assistance for Defense Lawyers Under Fire

If you are ever threatened with sanctions for zealously representing your client, the MACDL Lawyers Assistance Strike Force will be there for you. The Strike Force is a team of experienced counsel from every corner of the state that stands ready to defend you if you are subpoenaed, threatened with contempt or disciplinary proceedings, or otherwise attacked for vigorously asserting the rights of your clients. The Strike Force provides its services at no cost to MACDL members.

Continuing Legal Education for the Criminal Defense Bar

MACDL presents programs and materials geared specifically to defense lawyers. Unlike broad overview sessions presented by bar associations and others, our CLE sessions address problems and present solutions solely from the perspective of the defense.

A Wealth of Legal Expertise

Through MACDL, you have access to a constantly growing body of legal expertise and experience. The MACDL website,, discussion boards and e-mail group make available to you materials and resources on a wide range of issues.

A Powerful Statewide Network of Colleagues

MACDL's spring and fall membership meetings bring together the best criminal defense lawyers in the state. Nationally prominent keynote speakers addressed the Association on matters of concern to the defense bar. Informal receptions before after the meeting chance to share war stories, seek advice and make contacts that will enhance your ability to serve your clients.

A Voice on Legislative and Public Policy Matters

MACDL is your voice before state and federal legislatures and agencies as they consider issues that affect your rights and the rights of your clients. MACDL has been and will remain a strong advocate for adequate funding for the payment of court appointed counsel. The Association has taken on the practices of the courts, prosecutors, state agencies and others who threaten to impede the defense of those accused of crime.

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